5 Smart Ways to Deter Identity Theft

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It would not be wrong to suggest that every four seconds; one person have to deal with identity theft problem and issues. This has been a common scenario in the US. People have been finding trouble securing their identities from identity thieves in the present times. As a result, identity theft cases have been on the rise nowadays. The need for identity theft security has increased ever more. Several websites have been offering assistance. One such website has been Identity Force. To know more about the website and its services, you could go through Identity force review to secure your identity.

Deter Identity Theft

Ways to deter Identity Theft

Find below few tips to help you stop or prevent identity theft.

Taking control of your finances

Probability of becoming an identity theft victim would increase with the amount of debt you have. That is because anyone with financial problems would probably look to shop for loans and chase financing deals when you unknowingly cater your personal information to an identity thief. In case, your finances have been out of control, you should get in touch with a credit counsellor. You could also try employee assistance program to get in touch with finance counsellor.

financial problems

Knowing your credit card billing cycle

In case, your credit card statement has been more than a day or two late, you should call your credit card company to verify the last couple of charges made. An identity thief could easily alter your mailing address in order to divert your statement. It would be done to keep you from noticing any fraudulent charges levied for a while.

Checking credit card reports

You should check your credit report for phony accounts and mistakes. The best method to keep tab on your credit report all year round would be to rotate your requests from the credit bureaus once in every four months. For example, you should go to the website in the present month and request for a credit report from Experian. In about four month’s time, you should go back to the same website and request your credit report from Equifax. After the next four months, you should request your credit report from Trans Union. In this manner, every credit report would be free and you could check your credit file all through the year. Identity Force review would help you reclaim your identity in no time.

Checking credit card reports

Avoid giving personal information to unknown companies

It is imperative that you do not hand over personal information to unknown companies. By doing so, you would be enhancing the chances of fraud being played on you.

Shred information having account numbers

It is imperative that you shred any document having your account details or that of your social security number.

having account numbers

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